• Ramps easily mount to the rack, leaving the entire center section of the truck bed open to carry fuel cans, tools, etc.

  • Made of 100% USA made steel.

  • Can be loaded and unloaded in a pickup truck with one person.

  • Straps into the truck bed, so it can be moved from truck to truck easily as needed.

  • Each unit is custom built with many options available such as top-mounted¬†winch, light bars, etc.

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“Rack is awesome! Truck rides smooth as silk with it up there. Who would have ever thought a full size 64″ width buggy would fit in a 6ft bed truck!”
- Reggie
“I use this rack to take my Ranger back and forth to my hunting camp. When I park to run in somewhere or get food, I don’t have to worry about someone stealing my trailer or finding a parking spot big enough. Best part is, my 3500 rides better with the rack and my Ranger in the bed than it does unloaded.”
- James
“No more trailer tires to worry about or trailer registrations to renew. Can’t beat loading it and unload it in 10 minutes!”
- Timmy