Brings a whole new light on how to transport your side by side!

Basically the idea came from trying to make a more convenient way to transport your side by side. You ever try to get through a parking lot after riding with a trailer? How about when you do find a spot your worried someone is going to cut the lock off your trailer and drive off with your side by side? Try getting a trailer down a muddy road to get back to where you ride thats always fun! Maybe you are  just tired of worrying about trailer tires, registering the trailer, or another thing to maintenance!

All of our truck racks have 11ft long ramps that are simple to break down and store inside the rack. Most of your bed is still open to be able to store gas cans, generators, or whatever riding gear you need to take along. Our standard rack is narrow enough for the smallest Honda Pioneer or wide enough to fit a 70 inch wide side by side.

Painting & Coatings

We can have the racks as well as the ramps painted to match the factory color of your truck. We also have a 2 part bedliner coating we prefer to have them coated with.

Top Mounted Winch and/or Lightbar

One question we have had is what if  an axle breaks or other damage where we cant drive up onto the rack? Well if you have a winch you can easily winch it up OR we offer a 2000lb wireless winch option installed for $349. Also We can install a custom lightbar across the front but the price varies on what size you would like.

It all comes down to price…

This part can vary some because many trucks have a slightly different box size. These are not a bolt up kit that comes from china. Each one is hand built to order here in the USA with USA steel.  With that said the standard price WITH the built in ramps and a two part bedliner coating is $2500. Please call and I can go over exact pricing for the rack.